Ceyhan Chamber of Commerce which was founded in 1926 to solve the problems of craftsmen and register their information is serving Ceyhan and all the firms and corporations which are in trade cycle of Ceyhan aiming to set a higher Standard every day.

A new era began by the Law of Chambers of Industry and Commerce numbered 655 which was accepted in September 27, 1925 and became valid in the beginning of 1926. With this law, Chambers of Industry and Commerce became corporate bodies and people dealing with Industry and Commerce bound to register to the Chambers. Another property of this law is that it made Chambers field of activity regional rather than local.

"Chambers of Industry and Commerce, Craftsmen Chambers and Commodity Exchange law" numbered 4355 which was accepted in January 11, 1943; and the law numbered 655 created Profession Groups, Chamber Assembly and Board of Directors.

The law numbered 5590 that was accepted in March 8, 1950, enabled Chambers and Commodity Exchanges to organize around a union.

This law which stayed valid for 54 years was changed and the law numbered 5174 named "Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey" regulated the principles of establishment and operation of the Chambers and Commodity Exchanges according to the needs of the modern age. This law covers the establishment of chambers of industry and commerce, chambers of commerce, chambers of industry, chambers of shipping, and Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey, the properties of their departments and election methods, their duty, authority and methods of working, their rights and responsibilities with their members, principles of their income, expenses and budget.

Ceyhan Chamber of Commerce is a public profession organization having legal entity established to meet the needs of its members, to ease their professional activities, provide the profession develop appropriate for general benefits, to keep professional discipline, morals and solidarity and to make the duty written in the law.