President's Message

Dear Ceyhan People,

As we know, Ceyhan is one of the oldest district of Adana is the only sea route door and the commercial port opening to the world.

With its industry, agriculture and agricultural industry, Ceyhan, being the marketplace of our region in the past, with 71 million tons of petrol it is 8% of the distribution center of the world's oil, with its 1210 MW net capacity except natural gas line that will be installed, with the present power plants, it meets around 4% of the country's energy needs.

With industrial facilities and the shipyard present and the addition of shipyard which will be built in Free Trade Zone, and petroleum, petrochemical and energy investments which will be founded in Qualified Energy Industrial Zone existing beside the region, with energy investments and most important oil distribution terminal in the world, it is a major step for Ceyhan to become an energy and industrial center of the region and the world.

This process will be completed with the petroleum market will be established in the future in Ceyhan.

Our chamber's most important goals are to contribute to our region's and Turkey's development, to make our chamber a consultant institution for our members about business and economy world.

The purpose of the Ceyhan Chamber of Commerce is; provide a continuous flow of information regarding any support and incentives to our members, to represent our companies in Ceyhan industry and trade, in economic, social and trading platform in the best way and to make our district the center of attraction.

What we aim during our four-year duty process;

To complete the construction of CEYGEM, to present it to the service of Ceyhan industrialists and entrepreneurs and also, to provide employment opportunities for the provision of qualified personnel needs of manufacturers of CEYHAN.

To establish organized industrial zone to Ceyhan is which is planned to be built for years during our duty process, to build and implement a port in the Gulf of Ceyhan which is similar to Rotterdam working 24 hours / 12 months a year.

This gulf is one of the most important ports in Turkey and the only opening to the sea of Adana and Ceyhan.

For this reason, to establish organized industrial zone to this region and therefore to make economic contribution to Ceyhan and the region is essential for us.

To provide input to Ceyhan by boosting exchange and trade in Ceyhan.

After performing these, to bring Chamber of Maritime Trade to Ceyhan.